The thermostat switch for your Internet

Myndr makes sure your Internet at home is more suitable for what you actually need.

Dedicated homework hours? YouTube goes black.

A night of Netflix together? Pause notifications.

Need to concentrate on your work? Zero distractions.
With a flick of the wrist.

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The issue

88% of people are addicted to their smartphone

A bad night’s sleep, higher risk of anxiety disorders and depressions and deteriorated academic performance. These are just some of the recent findings related to children and their smartphones or screens. 58% of teenagers feel they are addicted to their smartphone.

Many adults are addicted, too. Whether seduced by games or social media, 81% feels they spend too much time on their phone. A startling 40% of parents experience daily struggles with their children over time spent on devices.

Conclusion: we are all yearning for a more balanced internet in this digital era.

Sources: Onderzoek AnderZorg, RTL Nieuws Atlantic Magazine

The solution

Myndr, a switch on the wall

We have a simple solution for families battling digital temptations. A tangible button with five settings that keep out different distractions. Welcome to some peace, quiet and quality time.

Dinners without WhatsApp.
More attention for each other.

Studying without YouTube.
More focus on the task at hand, less debate.

Breakfast without your inbox.
Chew your food, instead.

More focus on quality time with the family, more time for long neglected hobbies, studies or work. All this, with a flick of the wrist.

Time for change:
time for myndr

Information overload, endless notifications, loss of privacy, fragmented family time, smartphone debates and a lack of sleep.
We help you regain control.

The five settings

Myndr has five settings. The settings are overlapping: each setting blocks a little more than the last.

  • Setting 1


    100% attention for each other

    Sharing a meal means talking about your day without constant interruptions. Use setting 1 on your myndr and be prepared to forget about time.

  • Setting 2

    Work without distractions

    Just what you really need

    It is almost unthinkable to do work without a screen these days, but the Internet can be a source of distraction. Switch to setting 2 and take your focus to the next level.

  • Setting 3


    Whatever you are doing, do it without interruptions

    Who doesn’t binge every now and then? Movies, games, alone, or together. Use setting 3 and enjoy, while social media and messaging are kept at bay.

  • Setting 4

    Safe and free

    Carefree internet

    Adjust the Internet by turning the switch. Gambling, violence and porn are filtered as much as possible to give your family the safe version of the Internet./p>

  • Setting 5

    No limits

    Internet as you know it

    Get the Internet you know well: fast, accessible and distracting .

  • Off
  • Malware
  • 18+
  • Social Media
  • Gaming
  • Streaming video
  • Streaming audio
  • E-mail
  • Phone

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More focus and quality time with a simple button?
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How does myndr work?

A personal gatekeeper

myndr comes in two: the myndr switch and the myndr WiFi. By turning the myndr switch, you configure what type of Internet is welcome in your home. You create your own ‘door policy’ in a whim and control your family’s access to digital products and services.

Our mission

Myndr is on a mission to restore balance in the digital era

Why? Because every person deserves a healthy relationship with digital technology. Everyone’s attention is worth protecting. Especially when it comes to our children.