Your internet
Your choice

Adjust the internet to have it suit your actual needs.

Kids need to do homework? Turn YouTube offline.

Mom and dad want to binge Netflix? Pause all notifications.

Time for deep work? Block all distractions. All that, at the turn of a dial.

88% of people say they are addicted to their smartphones.

For kids, self reported addiction to smartphones is 58%. Sleep deprivation, a higher risk of anxiety disorders and depressions, deteriorated academic performance are some of the recent findings related to children and their smartphones or screens.

It’s not just kids, though. Whether it’s games or social media, 81% of adults feel they spend too much time on their phone.

Finally, a startling 40% of parents experience a daily struggle with their children over devices.We could all use a bit more balance in digital times.

Sources: AnderZorg, RTL Nieuws Atlantic Magazine

Besproken in:

Myndr, a simple internet switch on the wall

Our solution is elegant, efficient and simple: a tangible button with five settings blocking distractions. Increase focus, increase family time, decrease distractions and addictions.

Help yourself regain focus on what’s really important. Quality time with your loved ones. Time for neglected hobbies, for studies or work. Turn the dial.

Here’s to dinner without WhatsApp.
And to more attention for each other.

Here’s to studying without YouTube.And to more focus, less arguing.

Breakfast without your inbox.
Go ahead, really taste your breakfast.

Time for change: time for myndr

Information overload, endless notifications, loss of privacy, fragmented family time, smartphone debates and a lack of sleep. We help you regain control.

Myndr has five settings. They overlap: each setting blocks a little more than the one before.

  • Setting 1

    Go offline

    Go for 100% undivided attention for each other

    Sharing a meal means talking without the lure of smartphones. Use setting 1, and catch up.

  • Setting 2

    Deep focus

    Focus to the next level

    Turn the dial to setting 2, take your focus to the next level. Pretty much all the internet is blocked, apart from work related sites and music services.

  • Setting 3

    Game on!

    Whatever entertainment you want, enjoy it uninterrupted

    Who doesn’t like to binge occasionally? Turn myndr to setting 3 and go have fun, we’ll hold your messages for you.

  • Setting 4

    Family friendly

    A carefree Internet

    Phishing sites, violent or pornographic content are filtered as much as possible to give your family the safest possible version of the Internet.

  • Setting 5

    No limits

    The same old Internet

    Get your old fashioned internet: unlimited, accessible – and distracting.

  • Off
  • Malware
  • 18+
  • Social Media
  • Gaming
  • Streaming video
  • Streaming audio
  • E-mail
  • Telefoon

Her Royal Highness princess Laurentien of Oranje, co-founder “Alliance Digital Society”

"Increasingly, more and more adults and children are looking for balance in their use of digital resources. That starts with a discussion on our digital behaviors. At home, at school and at work. That is not easy.

It is precisely a concrete instrument such as myndr that gives everyone the opportunity to develop a different digital behavior."

Your personal gatekeeper

Myndr consists of a wall mounted switch and WiFi router you connect to your own router. By turning your myndr switch, you inform your spiffy new wifi router what type of Internet is welcome. You create your own ‘door policy’. From now on, you decide which digital products and services have access to your family members’ attention.

Our mission

Myndr is on a mission to help everyone regain their focus. Because every person deserves a healthy relationship with digital technology. And everyone’s attention is worth protecting. Especially our children’s.